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Law and employment, representation and collective negotiation

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Social Security and Employment Law

As consultants on this subject, we provide a comprehensive service: from the drafting of official documents to representation before all types of public bodies and company meetings, keeping you promptly informed of all relevant news that affects your business sector.

  • Employment news: issue of periodic reports on the news in the social branch of law.
  • Consulting: we have a permanent and fast service, both verbal and written, on any issue arising from employment relations in your business.
  • Drafting of documents with legal content: disciplinary dismissals, terminations for objective reasons (individual or collective, ERO (Workforce adjustment plan), ERTE (temporary workforce adjustment plan)). We take part in the filing and resolution of contradictory proceedings and we formalise simple documents with legal and employment content (leave requests, permits, promotions, resignations, etc).
  • Consulting: we act as consultants to managers, representatives of employees or unions, attending meetings in the workplace.
  • Public administrations: we help your business when dealing with State and Autonomous Community administrative bodies to resolve any incident.
  • Representation: proceedings before the Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social (Employment and social security inspection authorities), arbitration institutions and any type of judicial bodies.
  • Resources: evaluation and formulation of administrative and legal appeals and allegations before the Public Administration and Tribunals within the Social and Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.

Collective Negotiation

For over 40 years, C.Sedano & Asociados has played a role in the negotiation of collective and business agreements in strategic sectors of the economy, consulting and directing the negotiating process from the prior, preparatory meetings, the background study, analysis of the situation and comparisons, the creation of proposals and draft agreements, attendance at meetings, the drafting of documents, as well as procedures and relations with the Trade Union organisations and the Public Administration. Each of these stages, finishing with the definitive resolution and its legalisation before the Employment Authority, are carried out with the utmost professionalism.

We provide a permanent consulting service on those subjects governed by the Collective Agreement throughout its effective period, with the possibility of participating actively in the Joint Commissions and acting before any legal challenges that may arise.

Human Resources and Selection of Employees

We have departments specialised in providing every client with solutions adapted to their needs concerning comprehensive Human Resources consulting. We take on the responsibility for the direct search process for qualified technicians, middle and senior management through a multi-sector approach, based on a methodology adapted to each process, advising the client on the most efficient ways to achieve their aims. Our professionals find and select the most appropriate and interesting profiles.

Employment Law Audit

Comprehensive study and review of the business’ situation to determine whether it complies with current legislation. If it does not, we will issue a report with the corrective measures that must be taken in each specific case.


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